Built on a spur, Hautpoul is an impressive fortress thought to have been built in 413 by the Wisigoths which overlooks the surrounding valleys. It is also said that it might be the original place of Mazamet. No wonder the village, just like Mazamet, bears the imprint of the wool industry.
A rocky spur to fight back
Built on a spur, the formidable fortress used to control the Anette and Thoré valley. In the XIIIth century, Izarn d’Hautpoul took up the cathar faith, which lead to the siege of Hautpoul by Simon de Montfort in 1212. The inhabitants moved down into the valley to build Mazamet. A heroic and tragic piece of history you will discover by visiting the remains of the castles.
Climb up, you’ll be rewarded
When you reach the top, cross the single village street to admire a breathtaking  panorama. In August, the medieval festival will take you back to those times clad in a period costume. Do visit the Maison du Bois et du Jouet ( wood and toys) : fun discovery, exhibitions about the timber industry, playroom with traditional toys…A fine afternoon right in the heart of nature!
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